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About Us

Get to know more about our agency, the reason we exist, and the people behind its success.

Applied Home Health is a Texas-based provider of home health care services serving our homebound clients with developmental illness, physical injury, or mobility impairment in the comfort of their own abode. We believe there is no other place as comfortable as home, a zone where you can live independently and be who you are. That is why our team of health professionals that are specially comprised of nurses, therapists, and home health aides as supervised by a physician brings all your much-needed resource to your doors.


Through the advancement of our healthcare technology, we make it possible for our clients to acquire hospital-like services with utmost assistance from our medical staff. A close assessment, patient and family education, and preventive care lower the chances for health risks and hospitalizations.

Our Mission Statement

We aim to support you all throughout the way with the help of our home health care services. Applied Home Health is committed to helping you reach your fullest potentials and building you a life full of possibilities.

Our Philosophy

Our staff members are committed to supporting the lives of those we serve to be as efficient as possible. We develop an individualized care plan for each of our patients with fair treatment and respect for every decision. Applied Home Health’s healthcare team is well-trained in practicing patient and family involvement as well as coordinating with other professionals for the accomplishment of the desired goal.


Contact Information

Applied Home Health

If you have relevant concerns about our staff and our services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us through the contact details provided.


12826 Shiloh Church Rd. Houston, TX 77066

Phone: 713-477-5105 Fax: 713-477-5155 Email Address:

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